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Findability Vocabulary

Find: In web technology this word is used to describe the known or expected location of a target.

Search: Alternatively search is loacting a known target in unknown or unexpected location.

Keywords: These are the targeted words vital in web content to make it findable. The are the words an average user would enter into a search engine to find something.

Keyphrases: Are the combined keywords used in the same context as keywords to draw users specifically to your site.

Long Tail search: These are the longer and more specific key phrases that should be employed in a site as they are usually what users will enter into search engines. Now these may be even more vital as more voice commands become popular with the avergae user with the rise of voice controlled digital personal assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Web Traffic: The movement of users in and around your site. this will include pages visited, source of visit and time spent on each page.

Traffic Analysis: The study of Web Traffic to optimise the site for search engines.

ISO(Image Search Optimisation):Formatting images for better findability this is done by including keywords and phrases in the image file name, alt tag or long descrition file, title attributes or fig captions and placement of the images in relation to relavant content.

Folksonomy:Creating and Managing tags to better create a system of classification to categorise and optimise content for searchability. An example of this is having relevant key word tags of blog posts.

Backlinks:The external links from social media or other sites that lead directly to your site. Google and other search engines consider this in their ranking.

Crawler:The program search engines and web analytics use to search the web to index your site.

Creative Commons Licensing: Public Copyright license that allows for the use of copyrighted works. An author or creator may use this to give permission fo their ip to be shared, used or altered.