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Traffic Analysis

Would you click onto your site? Would you visit it again? Is your content searchable? These are all questions that will drive traffic to your site and keep it there.

Traffic analysis is the measure of how all these aspects are working to make your site successful.

It is important to constantly be running this analysis at least at a seasonal interval to make sure your site is relevant all year long. Traffic analysis studies the movements of visitors to, from and around your site giving you the opportunity to optimise your site according to these findings. Even a traffic analysis of visitors who don’t stay on or revisit your site can be valuable information for improving your approach.

There are ways to achieve this, and it all starts with content. Usability, Accessibility and Findability are the key strategies for creating findable content. Traffic Analysis with tools such as Google & Bing webmaster make it simple to find your sites weakness and compare it to your competitors for better results. These webmasters will study and keep you up to date with all aspects of your site including responsiveness and accessibility.

Using a keyword planner and analysing market keywords is vital to planning your content for better findability.

You can also branch this study of your site out to competitor, content and technical analysis.

Measurement is the only way to know how far you’ve gotten and how much further you need to go.

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